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The Invited Lectures of WTTC14 will be given by Tom Ruth and Bruce Wieland, acknowledging their initiative that made possible the beginning of this series of Workshops.

Thomas J. Ruth
TRIUMF & BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, CANADA

Tom Ruth is an expert in isotope production, extraction, and purification; radiochemical synthesis and formulation; and molecular imaging using PET-based compounds.

He oversaw operation of the TRIUMF medical-isotope cyclotron for routine production of clinical research isotopes for the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre and the BC Cancer Agency. He has also pioneered the design and implementation of target technologies.

Ruth is an internationally recognized expert in nuclear medicine and regularly serves on IAEA and U.S. National Academies Committees.

He has been working with researchers at BC Cancer Agency, Lawson Health Science Centre in London, Ontario and the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization in Hamilton on the proposal to develop the production of technetium-99m via PET cyclotrons to help ease the shortage of Tc-99m.

He is the 2011 recipient of the Michael J. Welch Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine for his contributions to Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry.

Bruce W. Wieland
Duke University & North Carolina State University, USA

Bruce is in year 42 of a research career in cyclotron radionuclide production for applications in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. His vocational history includes universities, national laboratories, and commercial companies.

He innovated in the 1970's the use of stable enriched isotopes for targets producing 11C, 13N, 15O, and 18F, applied to an H+ proton-only cyclotron, and early work with 18O-water targets for 18F.  In the 1980's he developed targetry for the H- surface-shielded CTI RDS-112. In the 1990's he worked with 13N ammonia water targets, 15O ozone production for pulmonary studies, and the internal target production of 211At supporting the use of monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy.

Wieland founded Bruce Technologies Inc in 2000 to develop target inventions for batch and recirculating targets with funding from two NIH SBIR grants. In 2010 he was awarded an ARRA R&D grant to fully commercialize.

He has installed about 60 retrofit targets in cyclotrons from different manufactures, and as of 1-1-2012 a new company, BTI Targetry, LLC, replaced the original one. Research leading to additional innovative high performance target systems is continuing. 

Title of the lectures

There and Back Again: An exploration of the past four decades of radionuclide production through the use of retrospectroscopy The Cyclotron and its Biomedical Applications - A personal historical perspective